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Our Company

Est. 2005

Financial protection for your employees and their families in the event of a serious accident or illness is what we specialize in. We know and fully understand that your employees are your most valuable assets.


As a full time broker for supplemental benefits we are able to effectively present and educate employees and employers about their benefit options in an objective, user-friendly manner so our clients can select the best plan for their needs and budget. We are very proud to represent the nation's top insurance companies for supplemental benefits.


Aflac and Allstate Benefits are the trusted companies we utilize to help protect your employees.

We also provide unique life insurance options for you and your loved one.

To maintain the wellbeing of your employees in today’s market, your competitive edge depends on having top talent as part of your organization. The unpredictable nature of a rapidly changing economy also adds additional uncertainties to the picture, causing employees to specifically choose jobs that offer the best employee benefits. That's where we come in to help.


As an employee benefits agency, American Insurance Plus focuses on making your employees feel safe and looked after, thanks to our superior insurance plans and attentive customer service.


We provide benefits to companies across Florida, Tennessee, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, California, Colorado, Arizona, New Jersey, New York, Louisiana, Texas and South Dakota. We also represent the country’s best insurance companies – Aflac and Allstate Benefits – when it comes to providing supplemental benefits.


We always aim to give you more than you bargained for, and this includes our range of employee supplemental benefits. This means that other than health insurance
you can also offer your employees the helping hand they need by offering supplemental benefits for a more comprehensive benefits package.

Our range of supplemental benefits includes:

• Accident insurance
• Cancer insurance
• Hospital confinement insurance
• Disability insurance
• Heart attack or stroke insurance
• Life insurance

• Critical illness

We help our clients when:

• They are sick
• They are hurt
• They have cancer
• They have a heart attack or stroke
• They are disabled


With benefits like these, your employees will have the confidence they need to focus on their jobs completely, becoming more committed to the place that looks out for them, day after day.


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We Put The PLUS Into Your Employees' 

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 Employee Benefits

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