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Our Plans

We offer excellence by partnering with Aflac, Allstate Benefits and Dental Plans. With over 16 years’ experience in the employee benefits field, American Insurance Plus is guaranteed to provide you with competitive, life-changing policies that will completely transform your business and make your employees happy. This is what you can expect from these leaders in the insurance industry:

Aflac was founded in 1955 by three brothers who knew individuals needed financial support when an unexpected illness or accident strikes.


Today more than 465,000 businesses offer their employees via the convenience of payroll deduction.

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American Heritage Life Insurance Company was founded in 1956. In 1999 American Heritage Life Insurance Company was acquired by Allstate Corporation and now uses the marketing name of Allstate benefits.


With many highly customizable benefit options Allstate has truly become a company we love doing business with.

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Affordable Dental Plans Save on Cleanings, Checkups, Fillings, Braces and more. Quick plan activation, & no paperwork hassles. Wide choice of plans and participating dentist nationwide

Discount dental plans are not dental insurance

Reach out to our customer care consultants today for more information!

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 Employee Benefits

Protecting the ones you love


Life Insurance 

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